Hi, I am Sid. Welcome to world's biggest time capsule. On this website you'll be able to upload a secret video message for the people of 2069.


It's very simple. You create a virtual capsule, get a custom wb.tc link and upload your video message on to it.


We’ll store 6 copies of your video in 6 secure locations and in 4/2069 make it live on your link.

We have limited links, get yours before all’s taken


So, how will your video survive for 49 years?

First, I have formed a legal entity name Eidetia, Inc which will be legally liable to you for taking care of your video for 49 years.


I am a majority shareholder in that.

Second, I have a plan to launch something crazy and fun every year, for 50 years, until 2070 and my 49th year project would be to relaunch this website


But, incase something happens to me, Eidetia, Inc will be fully responsible for the relaunch under the oversight of some very young, brilliant and influential people.




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Frequently Asked Questions

What is world's biggest time capsule?

It is an attempt to create the biggest time capsule in human history powered by the internet and get atleast a 100 Million people to participate.

Who is Sid and why is he doing this?

Hey, I am the 23yo crazy guy who quit his job on his 23rd birthday this year to build something cool, weird, big and fun once every year for the next 49 years. This year my project is world's biggest time capsule and I am doing it with my best friend Pratiksha

How would all the uploaded videos be stored?

6 copies of every upload will be stored on 6 different servers powered by amazon in 6 different locations across 2 continents with zero data loss guarantee for 49 years, until the year 2069.

Who can participate in this?

Anybody from anywhere with an internet connection can participate.

What can a person upload?

You can upload a video either upto 69 seconds, 6.9 minutes or 69 minutes. Maximum allowed sizes are 690MB for the 69 second video, 4GB for the 6.9 minute video and 30GB for the 69 minute video.

Is it free to upload?

No. You have to pay $6.9 for uploading a video upto 69 seconds or $20.69 for uploading a video upto 6.9 minutes or $69 for uploading a video upto 69 minutes

Why is it not free?

Because safely and securely storing 6 copies over 2 continents for 49 years is very, very expensive. That's 588 months. That's 17,885 days. That's 492,420 hours. This is the best price we could afford to charge.

When is the uploads page opening?

2:22AM, 2/2/2020 UTC

What are custom links?

So, if you want to upload, you'll have to create a custom username. Whatever username you'll choose, if it's not taken will get you a wb.tc/"your-username" link so that you can share it with your family and friends and 49 year later, you and they can find your upload on that link.

Can I keep my upload private?

As of now, no you cannot. The value of this website is in being public but if we get considerable amount of interest from people to keep their videos private, we may introduce it. We'll let you know as soon as we do that.

What is the guarantee that this will last 49 years?

Well, I have a plan for that! A 49 year plan actually. So, This year I turned 23 and the next day I quit my fulltime job to finally build all the crazy ideas I have had since I was 13. So, here I am now, launching World's biggest time capsule, my very first project. Now, the plan is to launch one such wildly new, crazy, stupid, fun and ambitious idea every single year for 48 years until the year 2068. And in 2069, when I'd be around 73 years old and probably looking something like this, as my last project I would make world's biggest time capsule live again. This is plan A but there's a plan B as well.

Plan B comes into effect when, let's say while doing all of these stuff, something happens to me and I am no longer capable, the company I started, Eidetia Inc which is the parent company for worlds biggest time capsule and all my future endeavours will take over and be legally liable to carry out the relaunch in 2069 under the super vision of my closest friends, who are one the most brilliant and kind human beings I have ever met.

So, that's how your video will survive for 49 years.

I have more questions

Great! Just email me at welcome@wb.tc with your questions and I'll write back to you in 24 hours.